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Because You're Called:  

Three words that will change your life

Everyone’s called to something, but not everyone’s called to the same thing. You…yes you, are uniquely designed by God to fulfill a God-sized purpose for God.  That’s a great thought isn’t it?  “God designed me for a purpose and placed a calling on my life!”  Just because you’re called though, doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy road.  The idea that a calling will make us more comfortable is both arrogant and American.  You are called, but what does that mean?  How do I know what I’m called to do?  What should I expect in a call?  Do I have what it takes to accomplish the call?  Those are all things addressed in this book.  From personal experience, to the stories of great Bible heroes like Gideon, Joshua, Joseph and Nehemiah, Jeff unpacks for you three words that will change your life…because you’re called.   




















































































"One of the main questions people wrestle with in life is, "Why am I here?"  Some think they are an accident, others think maybe random chance; however in this book Jeff takes the time to talk about the fact that we were made on purpose, with a purpose and for a purpose--and that once we discover that we truly are unique we can then enjoy the abundant life Jesus intended for us to live."


---  PERRY NOBLE (Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church and author of Unleash)


"Every once in a while, I will encounter a person of faith that astonishes me. The bravery in Jeff Maness' soul to pursue what God laid out for him is awe-inspiring in the face of the unknown. I pray each day for faith & courage ... like Jeff has. This book will inspire you. I'm certain of it."

--- BRYAN MILES (President and CEO of Miles Advisory Group)

"For a Christian, discovering the will of God for your life is a daily journey and often times a mystery. In Because You’re Called, Jeff Maness clearly helps us understand our unique calling and then challenges us to live out our calling. Jeff doesn’t just write about this stuff, he lives it. Jeff’s life is completely motivated by the calling God has placed on his life. In addition, God is using him to do great things for the Kingdom because he is obedient to the call!"


---  DR. EDDY SHIGLEY (Founder and President of Doulos Leadership Group, Inc.)

"Many people wrestle with their calling in life. Every person wants to make a difference, to effect positive change in the life of others, and to matter.  This is why I am so excited that my friend, Pastor Jeff Maness, has written Because You’re Called.  Jeff is a fantastic communicator who has committed his life to helping others see their potential as God sees it.  I’m praying this book will help you more clearly understand your unique calling and challenges you to take action!"


---  JOE SANGL  (Founder and President of I Was Broke, Now I'm Not and Owner and President of INJOY Stewardship Solutions)